Europe in Transition?

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One would think, looking at this ‘Political’ map from 1990, that the only big change taking place in Europe at this time was the unification of Germany. Note the use of a single colour for that country despite a line separating ‘EAST’ from ‘WEST’ – unification was a work in progress. The Soviet Union remains intact here, as do Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. This would not reflect reality for very much longer, of course, and the USSR, in fact, was already coming apart.

Germany aside, the countries of Western Europe are identical on this map to how they would appear on an equivalent map in 2021. But it will be interesting to see how those large islands just to the north of France will be depicted on a political map in years to come.

Willet, B. M. (ed.), Philip’s Great World Atlas (London: George Philip, 1990).

4 thoughts on “Europe in Transition?

  1. Reblogged this on Some View on the World and commented:
    Like people are changing, their homes and countries are changing, making the world move around and often borders being redesigned.

    Though many may, like me, hope for a united Europe, there are those who prefer to live in their own cocoon, to be independent and not wanting to have something to do with the surrounding others.

    The settlements that people built in the past were the starting point of the world’s great cultures. There is a constant movement among people and peoples are trying to organise themselves. As part of this changing world, we can either be just a pawn in the great board game or we can join together with like-minded individuals to work for a different and more plausible world, where borders need not be a demarcation, but simply an identification of a community that is open to working with others to make one great patchwork.


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